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Delete unused non-critical apps

It’s quite normal to have a bunch of apps on your phone, lots of which you may not have opened in months or even years. Unless they include important information or functionality, it’s normally worthwhile to delete them. Not only will you free up space, you can save yourself any trouble that might stem from […]

Audit app permissions

For apps that you haven’t used in a long time — or some of the ones that came preinstalled on your device — you may not have ever looked at what permissions have been allowed. It’s worth taking some to check through these to make sure you’re not giving away too much of your personal […]

A quick guide to app tracking

How often after downloading an app have you been asked to share your data? How many times have you said yes – even if you didn’t really know what it meant? In either case, you’re not alone.  When you use an app, search the web or send a message, you leave behind a trail of […]

Be cautious with workplace chat services

With the large increase in the hybrid workplace, many chat Apps like Slack have become are hugely popular in today’s workplaces. However, they can log your conversations and may allow supervisors to view information without your knowledge. It’s best to use discretion or resort to other communications channels for non-work-related private matters.

How to disable in-app purchases

The advent of the modern smartphone came with a slew of marketing with the slogan “there’s an app for that.” And it’s all but true: there’s an app for nearly any and everything. A lot of these apps come for the low, low price of free, but of course, there’s a catch. Free apps can […]

Review the apps that connect via your social accounts

When you sign into a site using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account, then you may have already shared some of your data with a third party. A good idea is to periodically look at which services are joined via your social networks. Recent data leak incidents illustrate the risks of allowing untrusted apps to access […]