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Explore alternatives to Facebook’s main mobile apps

Facebook and Messenger are two of the most common mobile apps, but they both ask for extensive permissions and consume a lot of battery. One alternative is to use the Facebook mobile website, which is less resource-intensive and minimalist. You can also find third-party messaging clients like Friendly that handle all of Messenger’s functionality in […]

Be wary of third-party applications on social platforms

Third-party applications may provide entertainment or functionality, but use caution when deciding which applications to enable. Avoid applications that seem suspicious, and modify your settings to limit the amount of information the applications can access.

Use end-to-end encryption for sensitive communications

End-to-end encryption means a message is protected throughout its entire journey from sender to receiver. Many common forms of communication, from email to many chat apps, don’t enforce it, though. Look for apps that provide a detailed explanation of their encryption measures, and explore encrypted email if you are worried about the contents of your […]

Delete any unused apps

Decluttering is associated with wardrobes or collections of physical item such as books, but it’s just as applicable to digital assets, too – like your apps. If you’re updating apps and notice one that you haven’t used in months or even ever, delete it. You’ll be saving yourself not only a potential privacy and security […]

Avoid side-loading apps

Side-loading is the practice of downloading applications that have not been approved by the operating system’s official app store. It’s usually not worth the risk, as there’s no assurance these apps have been scanned for malware. Stick to the official channels.

Delete any non-critical app you haven’t used for 6 months or more

It’s common to have tons of apps on your devices, many of which you might not have opened in months or even years. Unless they contain vital information or functionality, it’s usually advisable to delete them. Not only will you free up space, you’ll save yourself any trouble that might stem from their use of […]