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Sharing your Mac – set up a safe guest account

Sharing your Mac with a friend or family member? Don’t worry, tech hero You can set up a Guest account to keep your personal space separate. Imagine your Mac as a tidy room. A Guest account is like giving someone a temporary pass to use the guest room, not your entire space. Here’s how to […]

How to step up your Apple ID security

Got an Apple ID? Lock it down with two-step authentication (2FA.) It’s like adding a double lock to your digital door, making it extra tough for anyone to sneak in. Why bother? Imagine someone gets your password. With 2FA, they still need your approval to log in. It’s like needing both a key and a […]

Guest Wi-Fi? Apple Makes Sharing a Breeze!

Hosting friends and family often comes with the inevitable question: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Sharing that string of complex characters can be awkward, especially if you worry about typos or security. But fear not, Apple users, there’s a smoother way to connect your guests! Unlock the Magic of Seamless Sharing: Voila! Your guest is now […]

Sharing password safely: with AirDrop magic

Ever been stuck sharing a password with a friend, fumbling with notes or whispers for fear of prying eyes? Well, say goodbye to sticky situations, Apple users. Your iPhone and Mac hold a secret weapon – the built-in password manager with its AirDrop superpower. Let’s unlock this security charm and send logins safely in seconds. […]

Discover how to secure your hard drive on Windows or MacOS

In the event of your computer being lost or stolen, it’s crucial to ensure that your data is not accessible to unauthorized individuals. The most effective way to achieve this is through full-disk encryption. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS offer built-in utilities for this purpose – BitLocker and FileVault respectively. By enabling these, you […]

Be careful with AirDrop sharing on iOS and macOS devices

Apple’s AirDrop is a convenient way to transfer files between iOS (iPhone) and/or macOS (MacBook) devices that are near to one another. It doesn’t even require an internet connection or any cables. However, it can also leave your devices open to spam. Limit sharing permissions to Contacts Only or Receiving Off to remove this risk.