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Encrypt your data when file sharing important documents

File sharing services are major boons to productivity, especially given the increasingly hybrid workplace. Businesses depend on seamlessly sharing documents to collaborate without a hitch. However, file sharing also raises many cybersecurity challenges. Employ a file sharing service that offers end-to-end encryption; a feature that ensures sensitive data is protected from bad actors or unauthorized […]

What’s encryption?

Basically, encryption is a way to transmit a message in code. The only person who can decode the message is the person with the right key; to anyone else, the message looks like a random series of letters, numbers, and characters. Encryption is essential if you are trying to send sensitive information that other people […]

Use email encryption if you send sensitive data

Most people think email is comparatively safe, but it’s an old set of protocols with many weaknesses. Think about using encrypted email for full protection – messages sent through these services are utterly unreadable by anyone without your key, although using it may take some getting used to.

If you use cloud services, encrypt your data for a little extra protection

Encryption is a great asset to cloud computing. By encrypting your data, you basically make it impossible to read without the necessary keys. Encryption allows you to create those keys so that if a data breach does occur, your information will be worthless to attackers. You can also encrypt just parts of your data that […]

In case your PC is ever lost or stolen when traveling, encrypt your hard drive

Losing your computer while traveling can be as bad as losing your wallet or purse, since it probably contains a lot of extractable personal information, including financial particulars. Disk encryption reduces this risk by making all data on your hard drive inaccessible to anyone without a specific key (password). You can try FileVault2 son macOS […]

Use Jami for videoconferences

With rising privacy concerns regarding popular videoconferencing applications, you should seek platforms with privacy policies that are clear and concise, like Jami. Jami is an end-to-end encrypted videoconferencing alternative, and its privacy policy states that the company only collects data that is imperative to compiling website visit statistics.