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Spot the safe sites–understanding website certificates

Ever notice a little padlock next to a website address? Or maybe a URL that starts with “https” instead of “http”? These are clues that a website takes security seriously and protects your information. Here’s the deal: secure websites use encryption, a fancy way of scrambling your data so only the website can read it. […]

Encrypt sensitive data

Encryption is a cornerstone of data security — without it, you significantly increase your susceptibility to data breaches. Two common and widely adopted data encryption methods are public key (asymmetric encryption) and private key (symmetric encryption). By encrypting sensitive information, you add an extra layer of protection and, in turn, make it difficult for malicious […]

A quick guide to hard drive encryption

Imagine your laptop vanishing into thin air. Panic sets in, right? But what if your precious files were locked away in a digital vault, unreadable to anyone who snagged your device? That’s the power of hard drive encryption, and it’s easier to use than you think. Mac: FileVault – Your Data Guardian For Mac users, […]

Lock it down: encrypt your devices for maximum security

Worried about prying eyes on your lost laptop or stolen phone? Fear not, security champions. Disk encryption comes to the rescue, turning your devices into digital vaults for your precious data. Imagine this: your trusty laptop takes a tumble in the airport. Panic sets in, not just for the lost device, but for the sensitive […]

Store sensitive documents in encrypted containers

Encrypted containers refer to virtual vaults that protect your data with strong encryption algorithms. Here are a handful of steps to consider when using encrypted containers:

Embrace zero-knowledge encryption

Zero-knowledge encryption is a robust method of safeguarding your sensitive data and communications. With this encryption approach, third-party service providers store your data in an encrypted form while the decryption key is held by only you. Zero-Knowledge encryption can apply both personally and professionally: Services that embrace zero-knowledge encryption — such as certain secure messaging […]