Fight back against malware–the power of a simple restart

Ever feel like your computer is sluggish or acting strange? It might be infected with malware! But here’s a surprising weapon in your arsenal: a simple restart.

Why Rebooting Helps Against Malware?

Many sneaky malware programs lurk in your device’s RAM (memory). A restart clears the RAM, making these programs disappear – like flicking off the lights and sending them scurrying!

The Case of the Disappearing Malware:

Remember the VPNFilter malware that attacked routers? A simple reboot wiped it out because it resided in RAM. Regular restarts can be a powerful defense against similar threats.

Rebooting: More Than Just a Fix

Of course, restarting your devices isn’t just about malware. It can also:

  • Improve Performance: Over time, programs can leave temporary files behind, slowing things down. A restart clears these files and gives your device a fresh start.
  • Install Updates: Sometimes, updates require a restart to take effect. Regular restarts ensure you have the latest security patches to keep your devices protected.

How Often Should You Reboot?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer but restarting your computer every few days and your router once a week is a good starting point. You can adjust this based on your usage habits. A quick restart can be a powerful tool in your fight against malware and can also improve your device’s overall performance. Make it a regular part of your digital hygiene routine!