Feeling tracked by emails – disable those hidden spies

Ever wonder if email marketers track whether you open their messages? Tiny, hidden images called tracking pixels do just that. They’re like invisible spies, reporting back to marketers if you’ve opened their emails.

While this helps them send “relevant” emails, it can feel creepy. So, how to stop them?

Two ways to fight back:

  • Disable all images: Dive into your email settings and find the option to disable all images or remote content. This blocks the tracking pixels from loading, keeping your email activity private.
  • Go message-by-message: For specific emails, right-click and choose “show images” only if you trust the sender. Otherwise, keep them hidden.

Remember: Disabling tracking pixels doesn’t affect your ability to read emails. It just stops marketers from snooping on your habits.

Bonus security tip: Consider using an email client that automatically blocks tracking pixels for added security and peace of mind. Take control of your inbox. By disabling tracking pixels, you can enjoy your emails without feeling like you’re being watched.