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Cybersecurity tips for online dating

Online dating – once the ugly cousin of the dating world – is now hitting it off, especially for younger generations. In fact, Pew Research Center claims that while 3-in-10 Americans overall have used an online dating service, that number is much higher for Americans aged 18-29 (48%).  As with any digital innovation, cybersecurity concerns […]

10 Steps to Smartphone Security for Android

Android is the most popular consumer computer operating system (OS) in the world. Although it has a reputation for being less safe than its main competitor, Apple’s iOS, there are steps most people can take to sharply reduce the risk to their devices and data. Let’s look at ten things you can do as an […]

5 Password Security Best Practices

For every account, there is a password. The trouble is, you probably have a lot of accounts. In an increasingly digital world, people are signing up and assigning passwords like never before. But if someone gets hold of one of your passwords, your personal information, finances or data could be at risk. In fact, according […]

Security and privacy in the metaverse: threats you’ll need to know about

The company formerly known as Facebook — now appropriately titled “Meta” — has never shied away from disruption. After all, Mark Zuckerberg’s internal motto was once “move fast and break things.” Facebook moved so fast, however, that it broke the two things every tech company is sworn to protect: cybersecurity and privacy. After a decade […]

Amazon Alexa: privacy concerns and best practices for IoT devices

The internet of things (IoT) is very big. In fact, it’s growing every day. As homes and businesses continue to embrace digital technology, IoT devices are soaring in popularity. Smart devices, like Amazon Alexa, are especially leading this charge. In 2020, Amazon announced it had sold well over 200 million Alexa devices worldwide — double […]

Security Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace

The events of the last two years have largely shuttered offices and left many businesses working from home. Although it took some adjusting, this new, hybrid model has done wonders for productivity. According to Enterprise Technology Research, as shared by Reuters, productivity was so high in 2020 that the percentage of people working from home […]