Caution: Don’t click links in text messages

Pay attention to Russian inscription text messages containing link arriving to mobile devices.

Whoever clicks the link will probably get infected by a Worm that in turn forwards the message to all your contact list.
It is yet unclear what is the damage or if there is any until now, other than that the Worm is capable of stealing information.

The SMS message, started arriving on Friday, contains some Russian text and a link and designed to steal information from the device. The unequivocal recommendation is, if you get the message – do not click on the link and delete it immediately.

The message reads in Cyrillic : “Peace :-) your photo “, along with a link .

כך מופיעה ההודעה()

The Worm-type malware is designed for Android operating system and is spreading worldwide since Friday. It’s infection method: The virus is running from an infected device, sending a message to all contacts with a link containing some unclear digits. Clicking the link will install the Worm on the mobile device and then transfer information from the device to the Internet.

It is observed that the Worm main purpose is spreading and sending premium messages – messages that cost money, money that then probably reach the Worm developers.

According to the Worm’s API calls, the virus is capable of making outgoing calls, send spam and steal your contact list and incoming messages.

The best way to avoid the contagion Worm in question is to avoid clicking on suspicious images and links.