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Watch your headphone volume indicator

Whether you use them for video calls or your favorite music, headphones are indispensable for many people. Having the volume turned up too loud, however, can lead to hearing damage over the long run. Look at the status or menu bar on your device to ensure your volume is at 60% or less. When you […]

Keep an eye on your video and audio settings in Google Meet

Turning your camera on before you enter a meeting conducted via videoconferencing is a good way to simulate face time with colleagues and clients. Many companies have a corporate communications policy about whether you should have your camera on or off by default. No matter what, cover your camera when it’s not in use, and […]

Cybersecurity tips for avoiding malware while working from home

It’s important to think carefully about changing your habits to work from home in a way that’s productive, collaborative and, perhaps most importantly, secure. Hackers are interested in exploiting new vulnerabilities as employees disperse. A March 2020 survey of the CNBC Technology Council found that 36% of respondents at that time already saw an increase […]

Support your wrists with good mouse habits

Good posture and proper typing technique are important for anybody who uses a computer several hours each day. Proper mouse-handling techniques are just as important for limiting wrist issues. Keep a loose grip, and don’t rest your wrist on the desk.

Limit how you share your screen

When you use videoconferencing software like Zoom, there’s typically little reason for you to allow visibility for your whole desktop while sharing your screen. That opens up opportunities for participants in the meeting to see sensitive information in other open apps or your email. When it’s time for you to present something, simply select the […]

Be careful about what’s on display during videoconferencing

If you’re using videoconferencing technology with your camera turned on, make sure that no personal information is visible in the frame. It may seem obvious, but that includes making sure no passwords are visible on your desk or on a whiteboard behind you.