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Declutter Your Digital Life: Embrace Digital Minimalism!

In today’s online world, we leave a trail of information everywhere we go. This “digital footprint” can be attractive to cybercriminals who gather publicly available details to launch attacks. But you can fight back! By embracing digital minimalism, you can shrink your footprint and make it harder for bad actors to find you. Here’s how: […]

Think twice before using third-party keyboards

Third-party keyboards offer various customization options, from swipe-based typing to new stickers and emoji, to enhance your mobile typing experience. However, this convenience comes with a potential risk: the keyboard can see everything you type. While some third-party keyboard providers may be trustworthy, there’s always a chance that your personal information could be compromised. If […]

Audit third-party vendors

Thoroughly assess the cybersecurity practices of third-party vendors that provide software or services to your organization. Specifically, evaluate their security controls, data handling practices and compliance with industry standards and regulations. Furthermore, conduct periodic audits and vendor risk assessments to minimize potential security vulnerabilities introduced through external partnerships. Ensuring the security of third-party relationships is […]

Monitor user account activity

Vigilant user account activity oversight facilitates identifying and mitigating potential security threats. This is particularly important for accounts with elevated privileges with sensitive information access. Consider implementing user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) tools that continuously monitor and analyze user actions and system behavior more generally. These tools work to detect anomalies indicative of security […]

Establish a clear incident response plan

Prepare your organization for potential security incidents by creating a clear, comprehensive incident response plan. This plan should outline clear roles and responsibilities, escalation procedures, communication strategies and detailed steps to follow in the event of a breach. Consider conducting regular drills and tabletop exercises to ensure that your team is well-prepared to react swiftly […]

Never lose access to your email lifeline

Imagine not being able to check your email, access important documents, or communicate with friends and family. This could happen if you lose access to your email account. To prevent this scenario, setting up a recovery email address or phone number is essential. Why a recovery email or phone number matters Your email account serves […]