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Foster a security-conscious remote work environment

Given the prevalence of remote work and the fact that it’s likely here to stay, extend security measures to employees’ home environments and ensure that such measures are clearly understood. Specifically, provide guidelines on securing home networks, using virtual private networks (VPNs), and implementing physical security measures for remote work setups. A security-conscious remote work […]

Lock it down – controlling access to protect your data

Imagine your company’s data as a treasure vault, overflowing with sensitive information. Now, picture dozens of keys floating around, granting access to anyone who grabs one. Sounds risky, right? That’s why monitoring and controlling access is crucial for cybersecurity. Think “Least Privilege”: Give Only What’s Needed Imagine guards at your vault, each with specific keys […]

Protect your remote working environment

Taking steps to secure your remote work environment is a must in maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. Here are three tips for safeguarding your data and devices while working remotely:

Gatekeeper of the Wi-Fi: control your network with MAC filtering

Imagine your home Wi-Fi as a cozy castle, but instead of drawbridges and moats, you have…a router? Not quite as dramatic, but the principle is the same! And just like any good castle, you need a gatekeeper to control who enters. That’s where MAC address filtering comes in, your digital knight of the network. Here’s […]

Home network hero: divide and conquer with network segmentation

Want to level up your home network security? Take inspiration from medieval castles and build virtual walls with network segmentation! It’s like creating separate kingdoms for your smart devices, computers, and even guest Wi-Fi, keeping bad guys locked out from one if they sneak into another. Imagine this: your smart fridge gets hacked (it happens!). […]

Secure your personal Wi-Fi network

Your home Wi-Fi network is a door to your personal devices and their stored information — hence,  securing your home Wi-Fi is a must. To help secure your data, adopt a strong, unique password for your Wi-Fi router and enable WPA3 encryption if possible. Furthermore, consider avoiding using default router login credentials, as these are […]