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Keep your wireless printer secure

Remember that every item on your wireless network is a potential entry point for bad actors. This applies to wireless printers, too, and many people share access to these devices. Make sure automatic software or firmware updates are enabled, keep access to the printer protected by a password, and change those passwords regularly. A USB […]

When traveling stop auto connecting

Some devices will automatically seek and connect to available wireless networks or Bluetooth devices. This instant connection opens the door for cyber criminals to remotely access your devices. Disable these features so that you actively choose when to connect to a safe network.

Try mesh networking

Wi-Fi coverage can become very spotty if you’re far from the router or there are a lot of walls and furniture in between you and it. Mesh networking can solve this problem, by distributing coverage throughout a home via multiple points/satellites that all broadcast the same SSID. You’re no longer as reliant on being close […]

Report a stolen smartphone

The major wireless service providers, in coordination with the FCC, have established a stolen phone database. If your phone is stolen, you should report the theft to your local law enforcement authorities and then register the stolen phone with your wireless provider. This will provide notice to all the major wireless service providers that the […]

Secure your wireless network

Properly secure the wireless network you use to connect Internet-enabled devices. Consider placing these devices on a separate and dedicated network. Whether it’s your computer, smartphone, game device, or other network devices, the best defense is to stay on top of things by updating to the latest security software, web browser, and operating systems. If […]

If you work from home, create a separate Wi-Fi network

Remember, when one IoT device becomes compromised in a digital home, all the other devices on that network are also at risk. So if you deal with confidential information for your job, make sure your network is secure and not too crowded. In most cases, you’ll be able to set up a secondary network with […]