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Create a guest network to keep your Wi-Fi safe

Many Wi-Fi routers give the Wi-Fi’s owner the option to create a guest network for people who visit. These allow guests to access and use the internet, but they can’t access other connected resources like shared folders or connected devices such as printers. To set one up, access your router’s management software (usually accessible through […]

Don’t buy networking equipment beyond your data plan’s specifications

There’s a sea of high-end routers and network adapters, capable of absurdly fast connection speeds for dozens of devices at once. The signals traverse much farther than your average router and they’re loaded with advanced customization options. None of which makes any difference if your ISP’s data plan can’t take advantage of it. If you […]

Stay on top of your network’s security

Ignoring your network’s security is a recipe for having it breached. Some may want to leech off your internet connection, which can slow it down or open it up to bad actors. Others may want the data that’s inside your network. If you’re an entrepreneur, you could be made vulnerable to data breaches or ransomware. […]

Use the right networking equipment

There’s a wide range of networking equipment to choose from, and knowing which is best for your network can keep it running smoothly. For example, if your Wi-Fi needs to cover long distances, consider investing in a wireless extender, powerline adapter or mesh network. A wireless extender is useful if you want your Wi-Fi signal […]

What does Piggybacking do?

If you don’t secure your wireless network, anyone with a wireless-enabled computer in range of your access point could use your connection. The typical indoor broadcast range of an access point is 150 – 300 feet. Outdoors, this range may extend as far as 1,000 feet. So, if your neighborhood is closely settled, or if […]

Hide your Wi-Fi network’s name

While it’s vital to have a strong Wi-Fi password, hiding your Wi-Fi network’s name adds an extra layer of security. This can help conceal its existence entirely, providing access only to users who know it’s there. The option to do this in a router’s configuration page is listed as “Disable SSID broadcasting” or similar.