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Turn on a firewall for extra protection as needed

Firewalls are staples of enterprise security and they can be useful for individuals, too. A firewall blocks incoming connections, which in some cases may be needed to protect against rogue traffic from apps like BitTorrent clients. Firewall capabilities are built into Windows and macOS.

Make your PC or Mac log off after a set period of time

Once you leave your computer, you don’t want someone else gaining unauthorized access to it. Setting an automatic logoff timer ensures that it’s not vulnerable when you step away for an extended period. This can be done easily on both Windows and macOS.

Disable PowerShell and WMI if you don’t use them

Windows PowerShell is a vital tool for programmers and other IT professionals. For everyone else, it’s a potential security time bomb waiting to go off, because it can enable the execution of secretive fileless malware. Turning off both PowerShell and WMI on Windows can decrease your risks of a serious infection.

Encrypt your hard drive in case your PC is ever lost or stolen

Losing your computer can be as bad as losing your wallet or purse, since it probably contains a lot of extractable personal information, including financial details. Disk encryption eliminates this risk by making all data on your hard drive inaccessible to anyone without a specific key (password). Use FileVault on macOS or BitLocker on Windows […]

Use system restore points as hedges against performance issues

If your computer starts slowing down and doesn’t respond to reboots or other tweaks, it might be time to revert it to a system restore point. System restore functionality is native to both macOS and Windows. If enabled, it allows you to fully reset your operating system to a backup originally created when everything was […]

Introducing – The Hand of Thief

A Russian hackers team has set a goal to conquer Linux and is planning to make a lot of money out of it. Meet the ‘Hand of Thief’ – A Trojan directed directly onto your bank account. This is not the first Trojan developed by these cyber Russian hackers, only few weeks ago there have […]