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Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability scanning

Strengthen your cybersecurity posture through regular security audits and vulnerability scanning. Security audits provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s security practices, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Concurrently, vulnerability scanning identifies potential weaknesses in your systems, applications and configurations. Promptly addressing identified vulnerabilities is key in preemptively countering potential exploits, minimizing security risk and safeguarding your […]

Delete old social media accounts you’re don’t use

Social media is a blessing and a curse. It assists you in stay on touch with others but can also leak a lot of data and increase your vulnerability to breaches. Accordingly, remove any old accounts you don’t need to reduce risk. Also try not to post information on social networks that might make you […]

Zero-day bugs and the importance of regular updates

Zero-day bugs have been a hot topic for cybersecurity in 2022. Google’s July announcement of its fourth zero-day exploit of the year is enough to worry even everyday Chrome users. But are zero-day bugs really cause for concern? Let’s look at what zero-day means, how it’s exploited by hackers and what you can do to […]

Delete non-critical apps not used for 6 months or more

It’s common to have loads of apps on your devices, many of which you might not have opened in months or even years. Unless they include vital information or functionality, it’s usually sensible to delete them. Not only will you free up space, you’ll save yourself problems arising from their use of outdated or vulnerable […]

Don’t depend on old unsupported applications

When an application is no longer supported by its maker through updates for security and functionality, it’s risky to use since you might not even know what unpatched exploits it contains. Old versions of QuickTime, Windows (especially XP) and many other everyday programs are perfect examples and should be avoided in favor of newer ones. […]

Use automatic updates and reboots

A patch issue causing problems (or your own lack of IT urgency) can entice you to turn off automatic updates — no more annoying alerts! Months down the road, though, a hack through an unpatched vulnerability can infiltrate your system. Employ automatic updates and reboots so that you’re proactively dealing with issues before they become […]