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Software patches: tiny updates, big security boosts

Ever heard of a “software patch”? It might sound fancy, but it’s actually a pretty simple concept. Patches are like little updates for your computer programs and operating system (OS) that fix security holes and keep your tech healthy. Think of it like this: imagine your favorite jacket has a small tear. A patch would […]

Regularly update and patch systems: seal the cracks in your digital armor

Imagine your network as a castle, but with tiny cracks in the walls. Hackers love those cracks – they’re their way in to steal data and wreak havoc. But fear not, brave defenders! The solution is simple: patching and updates! Why patch? It’s like fixing your armor! Software makers constantly discover and fix security holes […]

Use the newest versions of Microsoft Office and other popular apps

Microsoft Office and productivity software in general are both magnets for cyberattacks, since they’re so common, meaning any successful attempt will have huge ripple effects. If possible, you should use the newest versions of these applications, as they’re much more secure than their predecessors and are patched against many known vulnerabilities.

How to defend against cryptojacking

Employ Cybersecurity best practices to help you protect your internet-connected systems and devices against cryptojacking. Be sure to use and maintain antivirus software – it recognizes and protects a computer against malware – allowing you to detect and remove a possibly unwanted program before it can do any harm. It’s best to make sure your […]

Install large software updates overnight

While many updates to operating systems and applications are small and take just a few minutes to complete, others are big and make necessitate hours. To decrease delays and hassle, it’s a good idea to schedule updates overnight, when you’re not using the device and when update servers aren’t as busy. This will also help […]

Windows 11 security vulnerabilities

Since its release in late 2021, Windows 11 has received unsettling levels of criticism from security experts surrounding some of the vulnerabilities identified in the operating system. Despite Microsoft’s promotion of Zero Trust — a method of reinforcing security by always asking users to verify their identity for any login or administrative activity — the […]