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Limit how you share your screen

When you use videoconferencing software like Zoom, there’s typically little reason for you to allow visibility for your whole desktop while sharing your screen. That opens up opportunities for participants in the meeting to see sensitive information in other open apps or your email. When it’s time for you to present something, simply select the […]

Be careful about what’s on display during videoconferencing

If you’re using videoconferencing technology with your camera turned on, make sure that no personal information is visible in the frame. It may seem obvious, but that includes making sure no passwords are visible on your desk or on a whiteboard behind you.

Check your settings before joining an online meeting

If you use online meeting software for audio and video conferencing, it’s recommended to use their preview screens to ensure all your settings are right before joining. You can mute your mic and/or turn off your camera there. Doing so can help avoiding leaking information or making comments that you didn’t want others to hear.