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Lock the room when using Houseparty

Houseparty is a videoconferencing app that does not require a link to access a meeting. Instead, when you log into houseparty, you can see which of your friends are “in the house,” and join their conference without permission — unless their room is locked. You should keep your Houseparty room locked at all times that […]

Videoconference best practices: Protecting your privacy while maintaining professionalism

If you worked in an office before the pandemic, there’s a good chance that you’ve been working remotely at least part time since March 2020. Looking ahead, the end of the pandemic does not necessarily mean an end to remote work. In fact, 16% of employees will continue to work from home even after it […]

Use Jami for videoconferences

With rising privacy concerns regarding popular videoconferencing applications, you should seek platforms with privacy policies that are clear and concise, like Jami. Jami is an end-to-end encrypted videoconferencing alternative, and its privacy policy states that the company only collects data that is imperative to compiling website visit statistics.

Obscure your background on Google Meet

Google Meet is a convenient videoconferencing solution. Now, users can protect their privacy and limit the potential exposure of personal information that might be visible on camera by using a virtual background. Before you enter a meeting, you’ll be directed to a preview page. Click the figure in the bottom right corner of the video […]

Avoid Zoom links in emails

While the simplest way to get people to log into a Zoom meeting is to send them a link, these links are being spoofed in emails. Instead, send a direct request to members of the team with a code to enter the Zoom meeting from Zoom’s homepage. This will prevent Zoom hacking and your computer […]

Maximize your window or app when screen sharing

If you’re sharing your laptop’s screen on a Zoom, Webex or Google Meet call, consider maximizing the window or app so that other participants can’t see what’s on your desktop. Also make sure to close out any unnecessary tabs that could be glimpsed during the session.