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Avoid Zoom links in emails

While the simplest way to get people to log into a Zoom meeting is to send them a link, these links are being spoofed in emails. Instead, send a direct request to members of the team with a code to enter the Zoom meeting from Zoom’s homepage. This will prevent Zoom hacking and your computer […]

Maximize your window or app when screen sharing

If you’re sharing your laptop’s screen on a Zoom, Webex or Google Meet call, consider maximizing the window or app so that other participants can’t see what’s on your desktop. Also make sure to close out any unnecessary tabs that could be glimpsed during the session.

Disable push notifications on Windows when sharing your full screen

When you have to share your screen for a videoconference meeting, you should limit visibility to only the applications you need to display. If you must share your whole desktop or an entire monitor, turn off notifications so you don’t inadvertently share personal information during the call. From the “System” menu for Settings, select “Notifications […]

Use a virtual background on Zoom calls for better privacy

Videoconferencing can still enable you to spend face time with your colleagues and contacts without potentially exposing personal information. Set up a virtual background to ensure your privacy. Once you’re signed in, navigate to Account Management and select Account Settings. From there, under the Meeting tab, you’ll enable the Virtual Background setting. Then, under “Manage […]

Blur your background for all Skype calls on Windows, macOS or Linux

If you’re worried about potentially sharing personal information from your environment during your next Skype call, consider blurring the background. To do this for all calls, click on your profile picture, and navigate to the audio and video settings. You can select “Blur” under the section that reads “Choose background effect.”

Keep an eye on your video and audio settings in Google Meet

Turning your camera on before you enter a meeting conducted via videoconferencing is a good way to simulate face time with colleagues and clients. Many companies have a corporate communications policy about whether you should have your camera on or off by default. No matter what, cover your camera when it’s not in use, and […]