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When using a mobile payment service, have your friend request a payment first

When using Venmo, Zelle or other mobile payment services, if you send money to the wrong person, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get it back. Even the smallest typo in the username of the recipient can result in lost money. To be extra safe, have your friend send you a payment request before you send […]

Enable the PIN or fingerprint requirement on Venmo

If someone gets a hold of your device and you did not log out of your Venmo, that person could send themselves money through your account. For added security, you can enable the requirement that you must enter a PIN or fingerprint ID before sending money. To enable this feature: ● Go to Settings. ● […]

Don’t stay logged into your Venmo account

Some people choose to stay logged into their Venmo account because it eliminates a step when they want to exchange money with someone quickly and easily. However, this puts your security at risk. Staying logged in will make it easier for someone to hack your account and steal your information. Log out of Venmo whenever […]

Link your credit card — rather than your debit card — to your Venmo account

Linking your credit card to your Venmo account is safer than linking your debit card because credit cards have more legal protections governing fraud than debit cards. Additionally, when someone steals from your debit account, they are taking money directly from your pocket. However, when someone steals from your credit card, they aren’t taking your […]

Enable push notifications on your Venmo account

If you enable push notifications on your Venmo account, you will be notified whenever there is a transaction. If this is in place, you will be alerted immediately when there is fraudulent activity on your account — even if Venmo doesn’t recognize it as fraud — and you can resolve it right away. To enable […]

Verify your Venmo payments are going where you think they are

If you’re sending cash to a new contact on Venmo, it’s a good idea to do more than just search for their name and assume the first result is accurate and authentic. If possible, scan the recipient’s QR code to find their profile.