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The lowdown on USB thumb drive security

USB thumb drives – those little keychain lifesavers that hold our entire digital lives. While they’re not quite as trendy as they once were, they’re still a handy way to carry a lot of data in a tiny package. But here’s the thing: these little guys can also pose a security risk. Let’s say you […]

Public USB ports–power up safely

Public USB ports are convenient for charging your phone on the go but hold on. These ports can be a sneaky hacker’s playground. Here’s why you should be cautious and keep your devices safe: Need to charge on the move? Here’s a safe alternative: A little caution can go a long way in protecting your […]

Lock it down – keep your iPhone safe from USB snooping

Ever worry about someone accessing your iPhone data while it’s locked? Fear not, you can easily disable USB accessories, like flash drives or keyboards, when your phone is locked. Imagine your iPhone as a treasure chest, and your data as the valuables inside. Disabling USB access is like adding a lock on the chest, preventing […]

Vaccinate your USB drives

A common feature in antivirus software is the option to “vaccinate” USB drives. This prevents any malware from automatically running as soon as you plug it in. While this feature often goes by different names from software to software, it can be useful if you commonly share USB drives with friends or co-workers.

The most common ways to contract computer viruses

Like biological viruses, computer viruses spread in highly specific ways. Just as influenza infects people via airborne droplets containing virions the body’s immune systems can’t stop, malware takes over computing devices by bypassing their defenses. In other words, viruses don’t come out of nowhere, and with the right preparations it’s possible to contain them before they cause […]

Use an encrypted USB drive to secure sensitive files

As over 20,000 USB memory sticks are lost each year in the U.S. alone, it’s a wise idea to protect any data you might keep on one with encryption. There are two ways you can do this. You can buy encrypted USB drives that use hardware to protect whatever you store on them, or you […]