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Top 3 reasons to backup your computer’s data and applications

Many PC and mobile users don’t regularly think about backing up their vital data and applications, as it’s often an automated process that occurs in the background. For instance, Apple’s iCloud can backup the contents of any modern iOS device when it’s connected to a power source, Wi-Fi network, and locked. However, it’s alarming to […]

Before traveling abroad, notify your credit card company

All major credit card companies are especially wary when your credit card is used in a location far from where you usually use it. This can potentially lead to declined charges and an unusable credit account when you least want it. To prevent this, let your credit card company know when you’ll be traveling. You […]

Don’t post pics of your boarding pass on Instagram

If you’re taking a plane ride somewhere, you might feel like bragging about it on Instagram by posting a pic of your boarding passes. That’s too risky, though. People who see it can use the codes on it to mess with your airline reservation, or even change your contact information with said airline. Best to […]

Do you know what Wireless Sniffing is?

Public hotspots are often left unsecured and their data transmission is unprotected, which makes your sensitive info vulnerable. If a hacker gets hold of your traffic, they could use sniffing tools to gain access to your passwords and credit card numbers. Don’t risk it – always make sure a connection uses WPA2 encryption when connecting […]

Disable Bluetooth when it’s not being used

Bluetooth can be an exceptionally useful wireless technology when connecting a range of devices including earbuds, microphones or personal vehicles. However, leaving Bluetooth on all the time, especially if you frequent public areas, can be a security risk. Turn it off when you’re not using it, and only turn it back on if you’re sure […]

If you’re entering sensitive information, cover the screen with your hand

You can never be totally sure if someone’s looking at your screen, so it’s a good idea to make this a habit. Another solution is using a privacy screen for your laptop if you often use your laptop in a crowded place, such as airplanes and airports. Privacy screens make it difficult for people to […]