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Learn about WiFi hotspots

Most of the public wireless networks and hotspots you see available are not secure, so that  means anyone could possibly see what ‘s happening on your mobile device while you are connected. If you have to be on public WiFi, limit what you do and avoid logging in to important services like email and banking […]

10 Steps to Smartphone Security for Android

Android is the most popular consumer computer operating system (OS) in the world. Although it has a reputation for being less safe than its main competitor, Apple’s iOS, there are steps most people can take to sharply reduce the risk to their devices and data. Let’s look at ten things you can do as an […]

Use your browser’s private mode for a little additional privacy

Most web browsers feature private browsing mode. While not the most protected way of browsing, this quick solution does prevent other users on your device from accessing certain information. Any searches performed or cookies obtained during private sessions are deleted once the browser is closed. For safer browsing overall, try a Virtual Private Network or […]

Don’t access your online banking app while on public WiFi

Being on a public WiFi network can pose all sorts of security risks, as you never know who else is connected. If you must use public WiFi, avoid using apps that contain any personal or financial information to mitigate the chance of it being stolen. If you need to access these apps while in public, […]

Use your VPN’s kill switch when necessary

A VPN’s kill switch can stop all internet activity on your device. If your VPN malfunctions or drops out, the kill switch will prevent any potentially dangerous traffic from coming through your network. In turn, your sensitive information will be kept safe until your VPN is functioning again.

Opt for a VPN service that is compatible with all your devices

Setting up a VPN on your router at home is a great idea, but you still face risk if some of your devices can’t connect to the network. VPNs have varying amounts of compatibility, so when selecting which service to opt for, go with the one that will protect your laptop, computer, smartphone and any […]