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Tech trouble? Don’t fall for fake support scams!

Ever have your computer go haywire and scramble to find help? While technical support can be a lifesaver, there’s a dark side: fake support scams! These imposters pretend to offer help but are really after your personal information or money. Here’s how to spot them and avoid getting scammed: The Phony Fixers: Where Fake Support […]

Don’t fall for fake security pop-ups–stay calm and close the tab

Ever browsing and suddenly see a scary pop-up warning about viruses or compromised systems? Be aware, these are likely scams, not real security alerts. Here’s how to stay safe: How to Spot a Fake Security Pop-Up: What to Do if You See a Fake Pop-Up: Real security software won’t bombard you with scare tactics. If […]

Don’t fall for it – spotting sneaky tech support scams

Ever been working on your computer when a scary pop-up message screams about viruses? Or gotten a call from someone claiming to be from a big tech company, saying your computer’s about to explode? These are tech support scams, and they target people just like you. Here’s how to spot them and avoid getting tricked: […]

Should you be concerned about AI chatbots?

The recent flourishing of artificial intelligence (AI) tools and chatbots can mean different things to different people. Some use them as learning tools, asking questions about scientific and historical topics. Others give instructions to write lyrics or make up stories. Still more use them to write papers. But a student plagiarizing a paper is harmless […]

“Tech support” calling? Hang up on phishing passwords

Ever get a call from someone claiming to be tech support, urgently needing your password to “fix” a problem? Beware! This is a classic phishing scam aimed at stealing your precious login credentials. Remember, legitimate tech support will never ask for your password over the phone! Here’s the deal: Remember, a little caution can go […]

Spot and avoid common ad-based scams

While pop-up ads aren’t as common as they once were, they can still pose a threat to your device and security. These ads often contain deceptive messages, such as warnings about fake virus infections, outdated software, or suspicious phone numbers. If you encounter such ads, don’t panic! Simply close them immediately and avoid interacting with […]