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Be aware of options selected by default to limit spam

When you sign up for some online accounts or services, there may be a section that provides you with the option to receive email about other products and services. Sometimes there are options selected by default, so if you do not deselect them, you could begin to receive unwanted spam email from those lists as […]

Don’t click the “unsubscribe” link in spam emails

If you open an email that appears to be a scam, never download or click anything inside the message, including the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Hackers may try to trick you into thinking you’re opting out of receiving more emails by unsubscribing. In reality, clicking on the link could end up infecting your computer […]

Download advanced spam filtering software for your email account

Popular services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail already have spam filters built into them. However, they can’t protect your inbox from every single piece of spam that comes through. Clicking links and downloading attachments from these messages can infect your computer with malware. For an added level of security, consider using an advanced spam filtering […]

Stay away from spam

Spam campaigns are one of the most popular methods of attack among cybercriminals. The process involves sending out thousands of emails, usually from a phony source, with a fake promotion or offer in the subject line and body. The goal is to trick you into opening the spam email and clicking through to the alleged […]

Do not use your primary email address in online submissions

Submitting your email address could result in spam. If you do not want your primary email account flooded with unwanted messages, consider opening an additional secondary email account for use online. Make sure to log in to the account on a regular basis in case the vendor sends information about changes to policies.

Don’t reply to suspicious emails

When you receive a fishy email, the best course of action is to either flag it as spam or block the address. Do not reply to it, as doing so could put you at risk of further spam and possibly data interception. Most of all, do not disclose anything sensitive, such as your Social Security […]