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Beware the Text Scam: Spotting Smishing Attacks

Ever get a suspicious text message claiming to be from your bank or about a surprise package delivery? Those could be smishing attempts – text message scams designed to trick you into giving up personal information or clicking on malicious links. Smishing 101: Texting Trouble Smishing is like phishing (those scam emails) but delivered straight […]

Stay alert for smishing

Despite SMS being a somewhat outdated medium, “smishing” (SMS phishing) presents a real risk to your personal information and online security. It’s a perfect method for scammers because the limitations of simple text characters and links makes it easy to hide their true intentions. As texts are often received and read on smartphones, scammers can […]

Look out for package delivery scams

If you’re expecting a delivery via mail or private carrier (e.g., FedEx, UPS, etc.), you probably track the package online or via text message to see if it’s delivered on time. Watch out for unexpected emails or SMS updates, especially if they ask you to make additional arrangements by supplying personally identifiable information – they’re […]

Look out for delivery scam smishing

Many individuals will be checking their phones to keep tabs on package arrival times. Scammers know this, so expect a spike in delivery scam smishing — or SMS phishing — attempts. If you spot anything that seems suspicious, don’t click on any links. Verify the information through the company’s website or app.

Beware of smishing attempts

“Smishing” is a portmanteau of “SMS” (short message service) and “phishing,” a cybersecurity threat where malicious actors attempt to fool users into clicking links, downloading malware or handing over personal information, usually by email. Basically, smishing is phishing done via text message. Be skeptical of any unsolicited, automated text messages delivered over shortcodes that contain […]

What is a smishing attack?

Smishing is a form of social engineering that exploits SMS, or text, messages. Text messages can contain links to such things as webpages, email addresses or phone numbers that when clicked may automatically open a browser window or email message or dial a number. This integration of email, voice, text message, and web browser functionality […]