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How to enjoy stress-free online banking

Online banking is a very convenient service for millions of account holders. At the same time, it needs to be handled with care.

Stop, thief! Introducing latest hacker tricks

You could say that computers and the Internet are with us long enough that we could be considered ‘understanding’. When we get an email telling us we won a million dollars or wants our bank details, we say “yeah right”, and dump it to the trash. Then yet how do we still fall into traps? […]

Traffic control: The man in the middle

Data sent by GPS applications such as Google maps and Waze can be altered hence control navigation routes of other drivers and even cause traffic jams. That is, if hackers would be interested in it, they would be able to affect the real-time traffic in order to trick users in travelling to the busiest traffic […]

False security: Mac users are exposed.

Mac users have always been (and remain) safe for the most part as they use computers with an operating system immune to hacking and viruses, and rightly so, OSX is one of the most secure operating systems available on the market. But it was the security of Mac users and their immunity to viruses that […]