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What are the risks associated with mobile device apps?

Applications (apps) on your smartphone or other mobile devices can be convenient tools to access the news, get directions, pick up a ride share, or play games. But these tools can also put your privacy at risk. When you download an app, it may ask for permission to access personal information—such as email contacts, calendar […]

Know your options for remotely wiping a mobile device

Having your mobile device lost or stolen is never fun. You lose an essential instrument while also potentially putting your data in jeopardy, too. Services like Find My iPhone and software like Total Defense Mobile Security provide some remedy, since they allow you to remotely wipe the device, erasing all of its contents and settings […]

Safeguard your smartphone

Stay current with software updates by applying them as soon as they become available. Besides adding new features, updates also patch security weaknesses and fix other bugs that cybercriminals can exploit. Also definitely be sure to configure a passcode, along with other even more secure options such as a fingerprint or facial recognition scan, if […]

Use PINs and strong passwords on your mobile device

This is your first line of defense in the event of loss or theft. Set your phone to automatically lock after being idle and use a password manager to store all passwords. With just one master password, a computer can generate and retrieve all your other account passwords.

Wipe data on your old smartphone before you donate, resell, or recycle

Your smartphone contains personal data you want to keep private when you dispose your old phone. To protect your privacy, completely erase data off of your phone and reset the phone to its initial factory settings. Then, donate, resell, recycle, or otherwise properly dispose of your phone.

Do not modify your smartphone’s security settings

Do not alter security settings for convenience. Tampering with your phone’s factory settings, jailbreaking, or rooting your phone undermines the built-in security features offered by your wireless service and smartphone, while making it more susceptible to an attack.