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Worried about a cyberattack at your company? Perform a risk assessment

Cyberattacks are a hot-button issue given the state of global affairs. If you’re worried about your company being targeted, the first step is simple: Audit your network environment for risks and identify the most sensitive assets that need to be protected. This will help your business get a read on where your vulnerabilities are and […]

Collecting a lot of sensitive data? Try data loss prevention software

Nowadays, businesses are full of delicate information – exactly the type that malicious outsiders would love to get their hands on. One of the best ways to protect your business data is to deploy a data loss prevention (DLP) solution. This is software designed to prevent both insiders and outsiders from transferring data outside the […]

Safeguard your small business transactions with an encrypted chip reader

Small businesses increasingly need digital payment methods to satisfy their customers. Hardware, like digital chip readers, are bridging this gap for business owners. To protect transactions, look for a chip reader with end-to-end encryption built into the device.

Be mindful of insider threats to company security

As tough as it is to believe, some cyberattacks originate from inside the company under attack. Whether it be a malicious insider or a careless employee, plenty of data breaches occur from within an organization. To safeguard against insider threats, enforce strict security policies and deploy a smart security system to increase network visibility. Keeping […]

Eliminate hackers dwelling on your network with a Managed Detection and Response system

Dwell time refers to the duration of time that hackers spend perusing your network undetected. In many cases, hackers dwell for hundreds of days before their actions are noticed by the victim. Companies should employ a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform to actively patrol their network for suspicious activity. Even if a threat evades […]

Protect your organization with dark web monitoring

If your company’s sensitive information is compromised, it could wind up somewhere on the dark web. This part of the internet is made up of websites that aren’t indexed by search engines, but are frequented by malicious parties. By continuously running scans, you can monitor the dark web to see if your data has appeared […]