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Create a disaster recovery plan

In the instance of your sensitive information becoming breached, a well-structured disaster recovery plan is necessary to mitigate potential damages. While the plan will differ depending on the nature of the breach, you generally want to consider a risk assessment, backup restoration and legal and compliance matters. The specific plan will vary depending on the […]

Conduct regular phishing awareness training

Phishing is one of the most common cyber threats, with the number of phishing-related daily emails reaching millions. Speaking to business owners and managers, consider implementing routine phishing awareness training for employees, focusing on simulated phishing exercises to let employees know how to recognize and report phishing attempts. Given that employees are common targets for […]

Implement an MDM solution

Deploying a mobile device management (MDM) system is deemed a must for enterprises aiming to safeguard and govern corporate-owned mobile devices effectively. MDM software facilitates administrators to remotely set up, supervise and fortify devices utilized within the company. This ensures the implementation of strong security measures, such as device encryption, passcode mandates and data wipe […]

The top cybersecurity threats facing small businesses in 2023

When it comes to cybersecurity, small businesses face an extremely threatening online landscape. Attacks such as ransomware are strongly on the rise, according to a report by SonicWall. Successful ones can cost a business massive amounts of money — about $1,200 per employee, per Osterman Research. If you think cybercriminals only go after large enterprises, […]

Have a plan in place in case your business experiences a cyber incident

Even the best cybersecurity money can buy can’t claim to be invulnerable to cyberattacks. Cybercrime prevention is vital, but so is having a response plan in the event of an incident. This means training your employees on what to do if they recognize a cyberattack is taking place. Knowing who to contact and having clear […]

If you own a business, consider replacing your MPLS network with SD-WAN

Multiprotocol layer switching (MPLS) networks have, for decades, been the gold standard for businesses that need wide-area network connectivity between several different locations. But due to their age, they have difficulty integrating with newer technologies such as cloud computing. They’re also notoriously expensive and difficult to configure. An increasingly popular alternative to MPLS is software-defined […]