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Ransomware strikes–back up regularly and fight back

Ransomware is like a digital kidnapper, holding your files hostage until you pay a ransom. The worst part? Paying doesn’t guarantee getting your data back! Here’s how regular backups can be your weapon against ransomware: How Often Should You Back Up? The frequency depends on how important your data is and how often it changes. […]

Best practices for protecting your business from ransomware attacks

With the number of global ransomware attacks in the hundreds of millions, businesses — small and large — are promptly aiming to determine ways to protect and secure their business’ valuable information. Notably, ransomware attacks disproportionately affect smaller businesses; those with fewer necessary resources and know-how to prevent such cyberattacks. While cybercriminals become increasingly crafty, […]

Implement a zero trust security model

Embrace the concept of a Zero Trust framework, wherein access to information is not presumed; instead, verification is mandated for individuals seeking entry to resources within your network, especially those containing sensitive records. This approach incorporates strong authentication protocols, stringent access controls, and thorough monitoring, aiming to minimize the likelihood of unauthorized access. The Zero […]

Implement endpoint security solutions

Endpoints are common targets for cyber threats — particularly those lacking tested security measures. For that reason, consider implementing endpoint security solutions, including antivirus software, firewalls and device encryption, among other measures that are contextual to your organization’s infrastructure. And to further strengthen your cybersecurity posture, look to regularly update, monitor and audit these solutions, […]

Stay informed about cybersecurity regulatory changes

Cybersecurity protocols, and preventative measures more generally, are subject to frequent regulatory changes. Keep ahead of any modifications to data protection legislation and industry-specific compliance regulations that may impact your organization. Maintaining compliance with these regulations not only helps protect sensitive information and save on compliance-related costs but also safeguards your organization against possible legal […]

Implement Network Segmentation

Network segmentation entails dividing a network into smaller, isolated segments with the aim of confining potential security breaches and curtailing the lateral movement of attackers. This approach restricts entry to sensitive systems and data, ensuring that even in the event of a compromise in one segment, the overall impact on the network is kept to […]