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Do your online shopping homework

Scam artists are always on the prowl setting up new schemes for fake e-commerce sites. Before you make a purchase, take the time to read reviews and hear what others say about the merchant. Also, try to find a physical location and any customer service information you can gather. It’s also a good idea to […]

Don’t forget about old devices

When you upgrade your phone or computer, be sure to complete a thorough data cleanse of your old ones. Performing a factory reset isn’t sufficient to wipe all information from a device. Instead, invest in a dedicated program or app that will truly clear your personal data and account information from a device. This is […]

Make NFC payments on your phone secure

Being able to use your phone to complete contactless transactions is great, seeing as we almost always have our phones handy. But be sure to explore what settings you can use to make sure it is protected should your phone be lost or stolen. Incorporate biometric security with NFC so it requires your fingerprint to […]

Secure your printers

A printer is an easily overlooked member of your IoT family, but consider how advanced modern printers are. Many are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and they’re connected to your network, both at home and in the office. Without suitable precautions in place, your printer could be the backdoor a hacker needs to access your network. […]

Create a dedicated administrator account on your computer

If you log in as admin on your computer for day-to-day use, you leave your whole system vulnerable to  infiltration. Should a hacker gain access to your admin account, they’ll be able to track, install and change pretty much anything they want. Instead, create a separate, dedicated administrator login that you only use when you […]

Don’t connect to rental cars

If you hire vehicles when traveling — for leisure or business — avoid using the connectivity features in the car. Whether it’s Bluetooth for your phone or music, or synced GPS maps, you’re opening up your personal device to exchange data with an unknown entity that has been used by an unknown number of strangers. […]