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Beware of scareware

Halloween may be long over, but scammers are always up to their old tricks. Scareware, as the name might suggest, is designed to scare users into navigating to malicious websites. Scareware convinces you to download software that you don’t need, promising that it’ll fix a virus you don’t have. Some scams even say your job, […]

Be proactive and prepare for ransomware attacks

The best way to beat a ransomware strike is to prepare for one. Most organizations are unprepared for a breach, which is why they often pay the ransom. Know the best practices of ransomware attacks, the types of scams that are out there and the tricks malicious actors like to pull. If your business notices […]

If you receive an unsolicited direct message, never click the link

Sliding into your DMs with a shady link is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Scammers often attempt to fool you by suggesting that the link will lead you to an image of yourself or something similarly personal. If you do, you’re likely inviting an unsuspected malware attack.

Only donate directly to online charities

Don’t give your contribution to a third-party website when you can give directly through a charity’s own site. If the charity that you want to support does not offer online giving, you may be able to give through JustGive or Network for Good. Be aware that these third-party websites may charge you a transaction fee. […]

Don’t let ransomware ruin your holidays or weekends

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common worldwide. Businesses large and small are being robbed of their data, money and security. Estimates by Cyber Ventures indicate small businesses in particular are attacked every 11 seconds and make up over half of all ransomware damages worldwide. But with so many threats, how can you stay protected? To […]

Be wary of links shared on Twitch

Twitch is an extremely popular live streaming platform with a focus on video game content. With the sheer number of people on the site at any given time, it can become a hotbed for scammers. Links will often be spammed in the chat during livestreams, likely leading to a malicious site. As a rule of […]