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What are imposter scams?

A commonly reported threat, Imposter Scams occur when you receive an email or call from a person claiming to be a government official, family member, or friend requesting personal or financial information. For example, an imposter may contact you from the Social Security Administration informing you that your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended, […]

Recognize cashier’s check scams when selling items online

Cashier’s checks are supposed to be reliable. However, some scammers use fake cashier’s checks in e-commerce schemes. Watch out if someone offers to send a cashier’s check for more than the amount you asked for an item, and then directs you to pay the excess amount to a third party.

Be careful with emails or notification asking you to confirm your identity

When you sign up for a new online account, it’s possible you’ll be asked to confirm your identity. Sometimes, this is an innocuous request asking you to confirm via a text message or other channel. In other cases, it might be more malicious. Be wary of requests that ask you to upload a selfie or […]

Never heed the fake warnings in web ads

Some invasive web ads take the form of alerts telling you to call support for help with a system infection. You should never follow their advice, since doing so will likely put you at greater risk of paying exorbitant fees for call to premium phone numbers or clicking on links to compromised sites.

Steer clear of P2P websites

Peer-to-peer (P2P) websites are fraught with risk. While you’re searching for links to torrents, you might see thumbnails for stories that seem oddly relevant or interesting, with titles like “New rule in [your location].” A lot of these links lead to malware, so don’t click them or, better yet, don’t visit P2P sites to begin […]

Ignore security “alerts” in pop-up ads

Some websites features aggressive advertising and tracking mechanisms. It’s common to see ads for free antivirus software and system scans, as well as warnings that your device has been compromised and requires immediate action, like calling a certain number. These schemes are invariably scams and should be ignored.