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Ransomware: How to avoid it and what to do if you’ve been infected

Ransomware has been exploding on the scene recently, and users need to be informed about it. 

A new ransomware is spreading rapidly!

Have you got a “Fax e-mail” lately? Be very careful, this could be a dangerous heretic virus! A new ransom malware (Ransomware) called ‘CTB-Locker’ is now spreading all around the world through e-mails disguised as a “Fax e-mail” message. The malware is stored in a Zip file attached to the e-mail. Once opened, the ransomware […]

What can you do to protect yourself from these viruses and others?

Beware: First ransomware for Android has been discovered!

The first ransomware running on Android devices that encrypts files has been discovered – in contrast to earlier discoveries of heretic software also on the Android platform, which prevents access to files but does not encrypt them. During the last several year, the infamous CryptLocker, which runs on Windows Operating System, has been a prolific […]


Ransomware Trojan horse is hitting over again, prevents you from accessing your computer. The latest one discovered lately covers the entire desktop with a message that appears to be from the local authorities, which asks for a fine payment in order to unlock your system. This threat identifies your country by your IP and display […]

Ransomware exploits Microsoft Windows Update Center Service

Our first indicators of ransomware were trojanised emails masquerading as police warnings against end users (Ransomware Exploits the Italian Police) and now  it seems to have evolved into leveraging a Fake Windows Update system. It is the  result of an aggressive campaign originating in Germany where users receive emails similar to the following: Roughly Translated […]