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Ransomware strikes–back up regularly and fight back

Ransomware is like a digital kidnapper, holding your files hostage until you pay a ransom. The worst part? Paying doesn’t guarantee getting your data back! Here’s how regular backups can be your weapon against ransomware: How Often Should You Back Up? The frequency depends on how important your data is and how often it changes. […]

Ransomware – the digital kidnapper – how to fight back

Imagine your computer files are precious photos, documents, and memories. Now imagine someone locks them away, demanding a ransom to get them back. That’s ransomware, a nasty piece of malware that can hold your digital life hostage. Here’s how this digital kidnapper works: The good news? You can fight back By being proactive and taking […]

Best practices for protecting your business from ransomware attacks

With the number of global ransomware attacks in the hundreds of millions, businesses — small and large — are promptly aiming to determine ways to protect and secure their business’ valuable information. Notably, ransomware attacks disproportionately affect smaller businesses; those with fewer necessary resources and know-how to prevent such cyberattacks. While cybercriminals become increasingly crafty, […]

LockBit busted: a win in the fight against ransomware

Remember LockBit, the notorious ransomware gang that caused havoc worldwide? Well, justice has been served! In a global effort, law enforcement authorities from many countries, including the US and UK, successfully disrupted their operations. Imagine LockBit as a digital villain, holding people’s data hostage for ransom. This takedown is like capturing the mastermind and putting […]

Ransomware: how does it sneak in?

Ransomware, that digital bully holding your files hostage, can strike in different ways. Let’s explore its sneaky delivery methods: 1. Phishing Emails: Imagine getting an email that looks like it’s from your bank, friend, or even a famous company. It might urge you to click a link or open an attachment. Don’t fall for it. […]

Guard against ransomware – back up your data

Imagine a digital monster holding your precious files hostage, demanding a ransom. That’s ransomware, and it’s nasty. But don’t despair! You don’t have to cave in. Here’s your secret weapon: regular backups! Think of it like this: ransomware locks your files, but a backup is like a hidden copy, safe and sound. So, when the […]