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Know what parts of your browser you should commonly clear

There’s a lot of information stored in your browser that will probably stay there permanently if you don’t do anything about it. All of it can also potentially be seen by unwanted parties. If it doesn’t matter to you either way, you can safely clean out *everything* when clearing your browser history, whether in the […]

Use Startpage for private browsing

When you use the internet for private purposes — whether you’re looking up directions from your home or making purchases — you may want to use a browser that keeps all of your information private. Startpage is a great option because it never saves or shares any of your information, and it does not allow […]

Tell your kids to use Kiddle while searching the web

Kiddle is powered by Google Safe Search, and it’s designed to be a secure environment for kids. The search results are organized so that articles written specifically for children appear first and all articles that appear are appropriate for young ones. It does not collect any personal information, and logs are automatically erased every 24 […]

Use Startpage for private web searches

If you appreciate Google for its accuracy in finding relevant information while you’re searching, but don’t appreciate the added tracking and clickable ads, Startpage might be a great alternative for you. This privacy-focused search engine pays Google for the right to use its search algorithm, so you get results that are just as helpful, but […]

Clear your search history when using Firefox

While private browsers provide more security, some people prefer Firefox because they believe it’s faster, more customizable and promotes the use of open-source web technologies. If you prefer to use Firefox, you should take extra precautions. Make sure that your privacy is protected by routinely deleting your search history. To do this: Select Tools > […]

Use Ecosia for private web searches

Like most other private search engines, Ecosia does not sell your search data to third parties, nor does it use trackers to monitor the sites that you visit. An added benefit of using Ecosia is that they operate with a “green computing” angle. They use the income that they generate from search ads to plant […]