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Carefully dispose of old devices and drives

You might have heard that deleting something from a device or hard disk drive doesn’t really erase it, and that’s true. Accordingly, be careful if you ever throw away a hard drive or resell an old PC since your old activities and files are theoretically still recoverable. It might make sense to use a deep […]

Check for evidence that your information is being encrypted

To prevent attackers from stealing your personal information, online submissions should be encrypted so that the appropriate recipient can only read it. Many sites use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure (https). A lock icon in the bottom right corner of the window indicates that your information will be encrypted. Some sites […]

Don’t post photos of your boarding passes to social media

If you’re flying somewhere, you might feel compelled to post a photo or video of your boarding passes to a social network like Instagram. It’s a risky move, though, as strangers can use the information contained in its various codes to change your contact information with the airline or even alter your reservation. Handle your […]

Avoid getting too personal in emails

Just as it’s impossible to unring a bell, it’s difficult to control sensitive information divulged in emails, as it might be intercepted or surfaced in searches even long after the fact. Don’t share personally identifiable information over email if at all possible. In particular, do not hand it over in response to unsolicited requests from […]

Create a separate email address for online shopping and promotions

You can more easily manage notifications and offers from online retailers by creating an email address solely for engaging with them. This setup has the added benefit of making it easier for your to spot scam emails, which are often disguised as promotions, that wind up in your primary personal inbox. Ultimate Internet Security from […]

Do not supply sensitive information in response to unsolicited calls or emails

Chances are, you wouldn’t give someone your Social Security number or address to a stranger who asked for it on the street. Likewise, you shouldn’t hand it over to someone who calls purporting to be a tech support specialist (a common scam) or in an email saying you’ve won a prize and need to fill in […]