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Invest in a webcam cover, or ensure your webcam is disabled when it’s not in use

Webcams are a common target for those who seek to invade your privacy. To best safeguard yourself, webcam covers are an affordable, easily implementable safety measure that prevents cybercriminals from gaining unauthorized vision. Alternatively, disabling your webcam while it’s not in use serves a similar purpose, ensuring that no one can access your camera without […]

Shred digital files for secure disposal

Deleting files from your computer doesn’t mean they’re really gone. With the right tools, someone could recover sensitive data even after you’ve deleted it. That’s why it’s important to shred digital files before you dispose of them. File shredding software overwrites deleted items to make them far less accessible. There are many different file shredding […]

Avoid mobile redirects with privacy-focused browsers and network-level tools

Mobile redirects can be annoying and intrusive. They can also be dangerous, as they can lead you to malicious websites that can infect your device with malware or steal your personal information. One way to avoid mobile redirects is to use a privacy-focused browser. These browsers are designed to protect your privacy and security online. […]

Regularly review and update your privacy settings on social media platforms.

You can fortify your online privacy by regularly reviewing and updating your privacy settings on all social media platforms. Check in on who can view your posts, profile information and friend lists, preferably limiting the visibility of your posts to those you know. Also, regularly review third-party app permissions and revoke access to any suspicious […]

Remember to delete unused apps for additional privacy and safety

Old apps you no longer use (also called zombie apps) can present a security risk because you might not have updated your privacy settings on them. Android users can go into the Google Play Store, select “My Apps and Games” and sort them by “Last Used” to see the oldest ones. iPhone users can go […]

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge collect your browsing data, but Mozilla Firefox doesn’t

If you’re concerned about privacy, of all the major browsers, Mozilla Firefox collects the least amount of personal data. The only information it collects from you is basic, anonymous usage data tied to a random identifier — not a name or email address, as every other major browser does. This makes Mozilla Firefox a remarkably […]