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View the internet as a novel, not a diary

Make sure you are comfortable with anyone seeing the information you put on blogs, social networking sites, and personal websites—write it with the expectation that it is available for public consumption and that people you have never met will find your page. Although some sites use passwords or other security restrictions to protect the information, […]

Stay away from social networks with little to no privacy options

If you create an account on TikTok, it’ll automatically be made public, which means anyone can view your content and location, as well as send you messages. Until they improve their privacy options, keep yourself and your kids off of social apps like TikTok.

Read the terms and conditions before connecting to public Wi-Fi

People rarely read the fine print when signing up for something, but they should, especially when requesting access to a public network. By clicking “Accept,” you could be giving them permission to use your data. Do a quick scan of the terms and conditions on the splash page to locate any red flags before connecting.

Create different email addresses for different uses

Do you use the same email address for work and personal matters? A lot of vital information can be found in a person’s email account, so it’s smart to avoid keeping it all in one place. Rather, you can have one email address dedicated to work, one dedicated to your social media accounts, one dedicated […]

Secure your digital life

New Internet-connected — Internet of Things (IoT) or smart devices — provide a level of convenience in our lives, but they require that we share more information than ever. The security of this information, and the security of these devices, is not always guaranteed. Once your device connects to the Internet, you and your device […]

Tighten up your email security

How many emails do you send per day? Have you ever emailed a picture of your passport or social security card? If a hacker gets access to your email account, they can find and take advantage of private data by looking through your inbox and sent messages. One good way to tighten up your email […]