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Social media savvy: tweak those privacy settings

Scrolling through endless feeds on Facebook and Twitter? Those platforms hide secret tools to boost your privacy. Don’t settle for default settings – unlock the power of customization. Imagine your profile as a castle. Default settings leave the gates wide open. But with a few clicks, you can: You control your social media experience. Don’t […]

Instagram – public or private – time to choose

Loving life on Instagram, but tired of spammy messages and suspicious comments? It’s time to reclaim your peace of mind with a private account. Think of it as a velvet rope for your digital life, letting in only those you approve. Why go private? Spam be gone! Instagram, with its open doors, can attract unwanted […]

A quick guide to hard drive encryption

Imagine your laptop vanishing into thin air. Panic sets in, right? But what if your precious files were locked away in a digital vault, unreadable to anyone who snagged your device? That’s the power of hard drive encryption, and it’s easier to use than you think. Mac: FileVault – Your Data Guardian For Mac users, […]

Utilize privacy-focused search engines

Most mainstream search engines collect and store user data for targeted advertising. As an alternative, consider using privacy-focused search engines like DuckDuckGo or Startpage, which prioritize user privacy by not tracking or storing personal information. While these search engines may not provide the most personalized results, they do offer a more private alternative — reducing the […]

Declutter Your Digital Life: Embrace Digital Minimalism!

In today’s online world, we leave a trail of information everywhere we go. This “digital footprint” can be attractive to cybercriminals who gather publicly available details to launch attacks. But you can fight back! By embracing digital minimalism, you can shrink your footprint and make it harder for bad actors to find you. Here’s how: […]

What is Social Networking?

Social networking sites, also known as “friend-of-a-friend” sites, leverage the concept of traditional social networks where you connect with new people through people you already know. While some networking sites are primarily social, allowing users to form friendships or romantic connections, others focus on establishing business connections. Connecting with friends and family Social networking sites […]