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Download your Facebook information

If you use Facebook, it’s a good idea to periodically download your data so that you have a copy in case anything were to ever happen to the site or you decided to leave the platform. You can do so from Settings -> Your Facebook Information -> Download Your Information.

Log out of your Facebook account on devices you’re not using

Facebook provides a way for you to see when and where you logged into the site/app. If you are still logged in from a browser or device you haven’t used in days or weeks, it’s prudent to log out so that someone else doesn’t gain access to your account.

Take a pass on that online quiz

Companies like BuzzFeed have turned online quizzes into a cultural phenomenon. Which “Game of Thrones” character are you? Do you remember these 90s TV shows? Before you answer either of those questions via a quiz, consider doing almost anything else – these quizzes are designed in part to harvest your data and sell it to […]

Create a dedicated or burner email for website signups

Providing your email address to a website is often a necessary step for setting up an account. To reduce the amount of mail you receive and avoid phishing more generally, consider using a dedicated email address separate from your personal account. For forums or other quick and non-vital signups, a burner email address might be […]

Avoid adding your phone number to your Facebook profile

It’s possible to log in to Facebook with your phone number and to send SMS messages via Facebook Messenger. However, there’s some risk involved, as your number might be sold to marketers or be used by strangers to look up your profile without even knowing your name. Stick with your email address if possible.

Explore alternatives to Facebook’s main mobile apps

Facebook and Messenger are two of the most common mobile apps, but they both ask for extensive permissions and consume a lot of battery. One alternative is to use the Facebook mobile website, which is less resource-intensive and minimalist. You can also find third-party messaging clients like Friendly that handle all of Messenger’s functionality in […]