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Find publicly available information about yourself on Pipl

Pipl is a website that finds public identity information. When you search for yourself on this website, Pipl’s identity resolution engine service collects whatever online information about you it can find and shows you what other people can see. Keep in mind there are several other sites that do this, too, and Pipl alone might […]

Use Startpage for private browsing

When you use the internet for private purposes — whether you’re looking up directions from your home or making purchases — you may want to use a browser that keeps all of your information private. Startpage is a great option because it never saves or shares any of your information, and it does not allow […]

Download a copy of your personal data from Spotify

Spotify only collects relevant personal data, but if you are interested in seeing what they collect, you can request a ZIP file containing what they’ve collected. You can download this file on the Privacy Section of your account page. If you have a more specific request, you can email [email protected]

Learn all of the information you can collect on yourself with OSINT Framework

If you want to see how much of your personal information is publicly available, it might seem like there are an infinite number of sources you have to search. Conducting this research is called Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and there is a resource that provides a number of services for collecting online information called OSINT […]

Review the company’s privacy policy before creating an account

When you make an account with an organization, they will begin collecting some of your information to better understand your spending habits as well as their client base as a whole. It’s normal for a company to collect information on purchase history as well as some demographic information, like age. The data that a company […]

Remind your kids never to give out personal information

Help kids remember that cybersecurity should always be a priority and not to share info such as name, home address, or telephone number, to anyone they don’t know through email, TikTok, Facebook, or other online forums. Talk with your children about the online risks of interacting with strangers through the computer and sending notes and […]