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While gaming online, use party chat instead of in-game chat

Whether gaming on your console or a PC, form a voice chat party using the console’s party app or a third-party PC app, rather than using a game’s in-game chat. This will keep your conversation private and ensure you and your friends will remain anonymous, even if you divulge self-identifying information. In-game chats are open […]

Limit personal information you distribute online

Don’t over share on social networking websites. Be very careful with personally identifying information like Social Security numbers, account numbers, and passwords – as well as specific information about yourself, such as your full name, address, birthday, and even vacation plans. The e-commerce boom precipitated a new cybersecurity threat known as e-skimming, which involves the […]

Do business with credible companies to protect your privacy

Before supplying any information online, think about the answers to the following questions: Do you trust the business? Is it an established organization with a credible reputation? Does the information on the site suggest that there is a concern for the privacy of user information? Is genuine contact information provided? If you answered “No” to […]

If you decide to sell a smart device, factory reset it

Before selling a smart device, consider factory resetting after backing up any media you’d like to keep. A factory reset can usually be performed through the settings menu of any smart device. This assures that all of your personal data and accounts are deleted and can’t be accessed. Be sure to boot up the device […]

Ask these questions when someone asks for your social security number

Any organization that isn’t your employer, the IRS or your bank probably doesn’t need to know your social security number. However, sometimes other organizations will ask for it. They may need it or they might not, and you should ask questions before agreeing to give it to them. These questions, as recommended by the Federal […]

Don’t give away information the caller should already have

If your bank or another institution with which you have an account calls you, there’s no reason they should have to ask you for personal information like your account number. They should already have that on file and easily accessible if they were planning to contact you. If this happens, it’s likely a scam. Hang […]