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Shred digital files for secure disposal

Deleting files from your computer doesn’t mean they’re really gone. With the right tools, someone could recover sensitive data even after you’ve deleted it. That’s why it’s important to shred digital files before you dispose of them. File shredding software overwrites deleted items to make them far less accessible. There are many different file shredding […]

Be cautious when sharing personal information with online surveys or quizzes.

Scammers may use fake surveys to collect personal data for the purpose of identity theft or fraud, therefore, exercise caution when participating in online surveys or quizzes that request personal information. Always verify the credibility and legitimacy of the website or application before sharing any data, and avoid providing sensitive details like your social security […]

Regularly review and update your privacy settings on social media platforms.

You can fortify your online privacy by regularly reviewing and updating your privacy settings on all social media platforms. Check in on who can view your posts, profile information and friend lists, preferably limiting the visibility of your posts to those you know. Also, regularly review third-party app permissions and revoke access to any suspicious […]

10 best practices for protecting your personal data online

Cyberattacks are commonly associated with breaches in organizational data, causing businesses significant financial and reputation damage. Yet, among the 2,200 daily cyberattacks are individuals who face breaches in their personal data — whether financial records, sensitive information or personal communications. Cybercriminals work to identify gaps to exploit an individual’s digital security measures; unknowing victims often offer […]

Avoid participating in online quizzes  

Online quizzes have become a significant cultural trend, thanks to companies like BuzzFeed. They ask questions like “Which Succession character are you?” or “Do you remember these 90s TV shows?”. However, before you decide to engage with such quizzes, think about doing something else. The reason is that these quizzes are primarily created to gather […]

Review website privacy policies

Prior to providing your email address online, ensure there is a privacy policy. Trustworthy websites typically include a link to their privacy policy on forms requesting personal information. Familiarize yourself with this policy before offering your email address or other personal details, so you understand how the site’s owners intend to use the information. By […]