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Power down like a pro – the art of shutting down your PC

Feeling the urge to power down your PC after a long day of digital adventures? Hold on, there’s a right way to shut down that protects your precious data and keeps your system running smoothly. Think of your PC as a hardworking companion. Just like you wouldn’t yank the plug out of a running appliance, […]

Don’t throw out old computers without removing or destroying the hard drive first

Those who frequent dumpster sites can find metaphorical gold if someone throws out an old computer, even if it’s no longer functioning. This is because the hard drive is often intact, with all your personal data on it. Erasing the data ahead of time is generally insufficient, as all data can easily be recovered with […]

Clean up your PC once in a while

Over time, your PC will make a whole lot of junk files that can take up quite a bit of space. Every now and then you’ll want to clean out your storage drive to not only free that space up, but also get rid of certain types of files, such as trackers, that you may […]

Change user account control settings in Windows

Ostensibly, user account control (UAC) is a feature automatically enabled in Windows that is designed to protect your system from any unwanted changes by notifying you every time an application or service wants to alter your system. In theory, this might sound helpful, but in practice, it’s not very useful due to the sheer number […]