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Always pay with the most secure method possible

When shopping online, you’ll often have several choices for payment. There’s virtually always credit card options, but PayPal and Google Pay are also commonly available. These options tend to be more secure than entering credit card information because they don’t require you to share any card numbers with the seller. PayPal is especially notable: They’ll […]

Use PayPal to protect yourself from bad transactions

It’s a good idea to use PayPal for online transactions to prevent the seller from seeing your financial information. Another reason to use PayPal is that their team will help protect you if the transaction goes bad. If you receive the wrong item, a defective item, or there’s a billing issue and the other party […]

Use Paypal for online shopping

With Paypal, you aren’t handing over your actual card details. This service has some of the best end-to-end encryption you’ll find anywhere; it’s a massive part of what’s made the company so dependable and widespread within e-commerce. You’re only paying with your email address and Paypal password, giving scammers less direct financial information to steal […]

Take care filling out online forms

Filling out online forms – like for shipping or payment info – is not only time-consuming, it may be risky. Inputting information over a non-secure (non-HTTPS) connection or on public Wi-Fi or a shared device can expose your private information. Lessen your risk by only using safe connections on devices you own. Payment options like PayPal also […]

Consider your payment options when shopping online

Using a credit card is much better than using a debit card; there are more consumer protections for credit cards if something goes awry. Or, you can use a third-party payment service instead of your credit card. There are many services you can use to pay for purchases – like Google Pay, Apple Pay or […]

Take advantage of third-party payment services and auto-fill

Entering your card number into a website is both a hassle and a possible risk if someone is looking over your shoulder or monitoring the network. A better alternative is to just use something like PayPal or Apple Pay, which allows you to check out with a relatively streamlined process using pre-saved payment details. Many […]