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Password power-up – autofill your way to security

We all know the struggle – you need to log in to your favorite website, but where on earth is that password? Juggling multiple accounts and passwords can be a nightmare. But fear not, there’s a superhero in your corner: your web browser’s autofill feature! Autofill: Your Digital Login Sidekick Strong Passwords Still Matter! While […]

Don’t leave your digital doors unlocked

Just like you lock your house, you should lock your phone and tablet to keep your personal information safe. Here’s why a strong passcode or fingerprint scan is your digital security guard: Strong Passwords: The Key to Security The lock on your device is only as strong as your password. Here are some tips for […]

3 things to do when your passwords are compromised

You’ve probably heard about them on the news at some point or another. Something along the lines of, “Data breach at healthcare company! Thousands of users’ personal data possibly compromised!” Maybe you were even a client of that healthcare company, and you weren’t sure if you had been affected. Or perhaps you were just notified […]

Repairing a broken device? Bring it only to certified repair shops

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are loaded with information. Over time, they may be dropped, cracked or damaged in some way that may be repairable. Before taking them in for a fix, however, look for a certified repair service to do the job. After all, once your device is in their hands, your data […]

Use passphrases

The longer the password, the better. That’s why using an entire phrase instead of just a word is ideal. Instead of coming up with a nonsensical series of numbers, letters and characters, you could come up with a phrase that’s equally strong and much easier to remember. Like, Tacos Are The Best! or, everyone-loves-a-good-rainbow.

How to protect your passwords

Now that you’ve chosen a password that’s easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess, you have to make sure not to leave it someplace for people to find. Writing it down and leaving it in your desk, next to your computer, or, worse, taped to your computer, is just making it […]