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Be careful where you download gaming mods

Downloading mods is a common and often fun way for gamers to squeeze the most out of a game. They can enhance gameplay and make for an all-around better experience. Many, in fact, are supported by the game manufacturers themselves. These are the safest mods for a gamer to download. Not all third-party mods are […]

While gaming online, use party chat instead of in-game chat

Whether gaming on your console or a PC, form a voice chat party using the console’s party app or a third-party PC app, rather than using a game’s in-game chat. This will keep your conversation private and ensure you and your friends will remain anonymous, even if you divulge self-identifying information. In-game chats are open […]

Enable 2FA for game console storefronts

You can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your game console’s storefront to prevent accidental purchases or those done by someone who has stolen your identity. Go into your console settings, then into account settings and from there you should be able to enable 2FA for all purchases. This means that every time you make a […]

Receive a new gaming console? Check your privacy settings

After booting up your new console for the first time, take a moment to go through the settings and set your profile so that only friends can view it. This alleviates spam messages and keeps your activity private from anyone who isn’t in your friends list, including games or apps you’re currently playing. This also […]

Be wary of links shared on Twitch

Twitch is an extremely popular live streaming platform with a focus on video game content. With the sheer number of people on the site at any given time, it can become a hotbed for scammers. Links will often be spammed in the chat during livestreams, likely leading to a malicious site. As a rule of […]

Don’t use your real name in online gaming

When making your online gaming profile, refrain from using anything close to your real name in order to protect your identity. If you’re having trouble coming up with a name, gaming platforms like Xbox will suggest a name for you so you can remain anonymous. Same goes for your profile picture as well. There are […]