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Avoid instigating strangers online, especially if you’re a gamer

While harmless trash talk is expected to some extent in online gaming, know what the line is (according to the game’s terms of service) and don’t cross it. There are many reasons why: To begin with, if you’re frequently caught being toxic, you may be banned from the game entirely. But the bigger and more […]

Avoid accidentally revealing personal information online

Be careful when streaming, gaming, chatting online, taking photos, or doing anything else that might compromise your privacy. It’s extremely easy to accidentally reveal your identity and location online. Whether you’re a streamer who does business from their home, a gamer with a microphone or showing yourself online in any form, take steps to conceal […]

Launch a private Minecraft server

This iconic game is made for detailed world-building. Running Minecraft on your own server doesn’t just let you or your children set the rules – awesome for new mods, objectives and physics engines – but functions as the closest thing to a controlled environment. With a private server, you make the game invite-only. Use a […]

Set spending limits on your family Xbox

Impulsive, secretive purchases can really add up on the newest Xbox models, the Series S and X. Yet with precise spending caps, you’ll prevent unauthorized spending on your Microsoft account. On the other hand, you can place up to $1,000 into a spending pot, removing the need for direct card payments entirely. Set up Xbox […]

Use the PlayStation app to remotely manage your kids’ play time

The PlayStation App is compatible with both the PS4 and the PS5. Through the app, you can manage and adjust various settings, including age restrictions and time limits for each user account separately. The time limit settings can be adjusted to set specific lengths of play time as well as determining what times of day […]

Do your homework

When you see an exciting new app or game, it’s tempting to just go for it and hit the install button. Before you do this, check a few things to ensure it’s genuine and safe. Look at the source — where you’re downloading it from, as well as who the developer is. Check reviews: while […]