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Take a zero-trust approach to network access

Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) uses the principle of least privilege that automatically defaults to the lowest level of access. In other words, when someone tries to access the business network, ZTNA will first verify their identity and apply permissions based on predefined rules created by the organization. In simple terms, users only have access to […]

Use a zero-trust approach to network security

If you manage an enterprise-grade network, you’re likely responsible for keeping sensitive corporate data under lock and key. When employees and outsiders access your corporate network, they could also potentially access unprotected data. Zero-Trust Network Access verifies the identity of a user before allowing them entry into the network – thus preventing unauthorized users from […]

Keep your sensitive documents secure by setting access privileges

Paperless offices depend on a reliable digital solution to manage their files. More importantly, they need to keep sensitive information out of harm’s way, including malicious hackers who want to extort them with ransomware. Storing digital files in a protected system is a good way to protect them from outsiders. Take this one step further […]

Maintain an inventory list of all IoT devices on your network

This is especially critical for large, enterprise-grade organizations that might deploy many IoT devices across their infrastructure. Each and every device, whether it be a sensor or a tablet, is an endpoint that can be compromised by a hacker. In turn, they could lead straight toward more critical areas of your network and jeopardize sensitive […]

Update your new smart TV before logging into any accounts

Smart TVs provide a wonderful array of entertainment, but they’re also an entryway into your home network. In the time that a smart TV has been manufactured, packaged and shipped off to a distributor, there may have already been several security updates released by the developer. To rest assured that your network is safe, download […]

Segment your network to prevent lateral movement

Network segmentation is when you divide your computer network using a bridge, switch or router. In essence, you split your network to control the flow of traffic in each separate part. When it comes to security, segmentation prevents a hacker from moving laterally across your network. Put simply, it limits how far their attack can […]